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Hey, I'm Sam, known sometimes as Ayden other places around the web. I'm a 23-year-old animator/illustrator in wonderful Boulder, Colorado. I enjoy tea and gryphons and nerdy stuff. Yah.


Here’s the batch of bird ‘critters’ I made in June! Each one is hand sculpted in epoxy with glass eyes, painted, then covered with faux fur. The are, on average, around 3-4” tall at the most (they are little!). Each is one of a kind! No casting is used.

All of these birds have already found homes! Thanks so much for looking. I will be making more. :)
I have a few stragglers in my shop, but stay tuned for more within a month or two! http://featherdust.storenvy.com/collections/602554-critters




So in my basic drawing class we are learning to draw facial features and I couldnt help myself to draw eyes on all the lips

The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie looks so good

I’m dying

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Process gif of one of the con badges I recently finished (sorry for the terrible cell phone photography)

character (c) Sparhawk


Putting the finishing touches on the last of these fuzzy buddies inked by Numbersstation — I’ll have postcard and poster prints of all three at San Diego Comic-con this week — drop by the Sofawolf table (#1236) and check them out!

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new ref sheet for one of my oldest OCs, Elira

you can read more info about her here

Pretty gal


Bloomsbury Children’s Books revealed the complete set of new Harry Potter covers today! They’re so beautiful. Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite, if you couldn’t tell. They’re published on 1st September in paperback and hardback, and illustrated by Jonny Duddle. 

Ooh my gosh I’ve a mighty need

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15 min doodle of… a… kajiit…??

15 min doodle of… a… kajiit…??